Study plan M.Sc. Mechatronics Examination Regulations (PO) 2014/2023

Here you will find an overview of all information and downloads that will support you in planning your studies for the Masters in Mechatronics.

Module Guide PO 2023:

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A mentor will assist you in planning your studies. This mentor checks your planning with regard to a meaningful sequence of subjects as professionally required in addition to their feasibility and then signs your study and examination plan in confirmation.

Please contact the spokesperson of the area of specialisation (see above) you have chosen to make an appointment.

When completing the table of your prospective study and examination plan and getting ready for mentoring, please refer to the following instructions:

  • The first interview with the mentor, which should take place at the beginning of your Master's degree programme, requires a fully completed table of your study and examination plan. When entering the required information, observe the binding rules (Check fields) and other instructions for completing this table, which are included in the table.
  • For the specialisation General Mechatronics, a signed study and examination plan must be submitted to the Examination Management Office which will allow you to register for examinations for the first time.
  • In all other specializations a signed curriculum must be submitted to the Examination office when you change the sample study plan.
  • The semester load should be in the range of 28 to 32 credit points.
  • As a rule, compulsory elective subjects from the Bachelor of Science degree programme in Mechatronics (compare Ausführungsbestimmungen implementing regulations B.Sc. MEC , Appendix 1) are not to be taken in the Master’s degree programme.
  • Research seminars cannot be credited as Advanced Design Projects (ADP).
  • For language courses from the catalogue “German as a Foreign Language”, only courses from UNICERT III level can be credited for the Master’s examination.
  • The module manuals can be used to learn which subjects in the specialisation fields “etit & MPE” and in the catalogue “Inf Ing Nat” (computer science, engineering, natural sciences) will be credited. These module manuals are available in the download area.


This page provides only general information about the degree programme M.Sc. Mechatronics. Binding rules are only provided by the Ausführungsbestimmungen (implementation regulations) of the degree programme Bachelor of Science in Mechatronis (opens in new tab) specifying the Allgemeine Prüfungsbestimmungen (APB – general examination regulations) of Technical University of Darmstadt in their currently valid form.