For the admission to the Master´s thesis a 12-week internship has to be recognized. All information on recognition can be found on this Website.

Please submit your report along with the completed application. Include at least an unauthorized copy of the certificate or the original certificate with the report. If you enclose a copy, you have to show the original certificate when you collect it.

A report of at least 2 pages has to be prepared for each week of the internship. The report should in particular show what activities you have carried out and what experience you have gained.

You can submit the complete application documents to the secretary's office of the service center and pick them up again after approval. The secretary's office of the service center can be found in Fraunhoferstr. 4 room S3 | 21 103.1.

Recognition takes approximately four weeks.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence is recommended for the duration of the internship. In the case of leave of absence, the semester is not included in the duration of the study. Since this is a study-related internship, it is still possible to take exams in that semester. It is advisable to clarify this in advance with the responsible study office.

Further information on leave of absence can be found on the central website of the TU Darmstadt:

Leave of absence

The exact conditions and deadlines for applying for the vacation semester are also listed there.

Please also note the following points:

  • Working student work can be recognized as an internship, in which case we need a work certificate for the recognition test, which shows the activities and the number of hours worked. In the event of recognition, you will be credited with 40 working hours each as a week internship.
  • HiWi activities cannot be recognized as an internship.
  • We do not recognize mandatory internships for previous studies again. The same applies to internship semesters and working hours in which a study / diploma thesis or bachelor / master thesis was completed in industry.
  • The internship is only considered recognized when you have picked up the documents again.
  • We will not report the internship to the Examination Secretariat until the internship has been recognized for at least 12 weeks. We do not inform the Examination Secretariat about the recognition of shorter times.
  • Plagiarism: If you copy parts of the text without specifying the source (e.g. from the Internet), we will not recognize the entire report, regardless of how much text was copied.