Prerequisites for admission

Basic requirement for admission to the Master program in Mechatronics is a Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics from the TU Darmstadt or an equivalent degree. It is possible to enter the program with a BSc Mechanical and Process Engineering or BSc Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the TU Darmstadt thanks to special elective modules in the corresponding Bachelor programs. This is represented by the double H model.

An important prerequisite for external applicants to enter the Master program is knowledge of mathematics, electrical engineering and information technology, mechanical engineering and computer science on a level that is comparable to graduates of the BSc program Mechatronics at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. If this is not given, special requirements will be imposed.

New regulations from winter semester 2012

In addition to an admission subject to special requirements, external applicants can be approved based on their knowledge from previous studies for one year preparation. The admission to this preparatory year is connected with the requirement to pass three exams of the BSc program Mechatronics in the first attempt within the preparatory year. Additional special requirements can be imposed based on the applicants individual knowledge from previous studies. The preparatory year is passed if all exams were passed. Passing the preparatory year in this case is a prerequisite for the enrollment in the MSc program Mechatronics at TU Darmstadt.

As the courses are primarily held in German language, a DSH-II certificate or equivalent certification is mandatory for all foreign applicants. Furthermore, at least 12 weeks of industrial internship must be completed by all applicants. This internship must be recognized by the SB Mechatronics before the beginning of the master thesis.

Further Information

In the following documents further information regarding an admission to the Master program in Mechatronics are collected (in German):


This page provides only general information about the MSc Mechatronics program. Binding rules are only provided by the Ausführungsbestimmungen des Master of Science Studienganges Mechatronik zu den Allgemeinen Prüfungsbestimmungen der Technischen Universität Darmstadt (APB) in the currently valid form.